Protecting Your Decks and Floors

For many commercial and public facilities, such as parking lot decks, locker rooms, stadium floors, bathrooms, locker rooms, etc., while you may not need airplane hangar-caliber floor coatings, there will most certainly remain a need for a protective layer to prolong the life of your floor and facilities. Over time, persistent traffic can wear down concrete and asphalt, allowing moisture, or even various caustic chemicals from automotive fluids or cleaning supplies, to penetrate into the substrates. This gradually eats away at the structural integrity of your facilities, requiring major renovations later down the line. Fortunately, carefully applied deck coating products will lower your maintenance costs and protect your flooring system.

Features of a Quality Coating Product

Coating products today have become quite advanced in order to fulfill the needs of many new challenges. For applying coatings in small, enclosed areas, such as bathrooms and basements, low odor coatings can be used so that ventilation of the area becomes less of an issue. This creates a safer environment for workers and residents alike.

Environmental concerns have also become an issue as scientists have produced more research over the years on how human behavior and equipment impacts the world we live in. Coatings are now safer than ever with minimal to nonexistent levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and solvents (which have been known to cause neurological and other bodily damage as well as contaminate underlying aquifers and soil layers). They also contain fire and UV resistant properties opposed to highly reactive ones.

Regarding the more practical aspects of modern deck coating products, high performance is a high priority for Advanced Poly Tech. Surfaces, especially in parking garages or areas exposed to a lot of moisture, need to offer good traction to reduce the likelihood of skidding for automobiles, equipment, and people. Some coatings are made to withstand a high degree of chemical exposure, abrasion, or direct impact. Our products are also designed with a resistance to thermal shock, cracking, and water penetration to not only protect facilities, but to strengthen them.

To aid in the application process, a fast-curing and self-leveling formula is used, allowing facilities to return to their normal routines as quickly as possible. Coatings are also versatile enough to suit a number of indoor and outdoor applications and will bond to asphalt, concrete, and wood surfaces.