Coating a Hangar Floor

Whether an airplane hangar is commercial, military, or private, the flooring is constantly being punished by heavy loads, abrasive equipment, and harsh chemicals. In order to enhance and lengthen the life of your hangar flooring, it is best to apply a hangar floor coating to it. There are a number of options for hangar owners to use, each with different properties designed to meet the needs of a number of conditions. Product: QualiSky – Qualipur 522


One of the biggest issues aircraft owners complain of is the durability of their facilities. Airplanes, their maintenance equipment, and spills from chemicals all create a harsh environment. In order for the concrete floor to last as long as possible, it should have a special coating over it to preserve its foundation. Any coating that is applied needs a diamond-hard surface to withstand the pounding and abrasion it will routinely receive from the thousands of tons of equipment being rolled and dragged over it.

Chemical Resistance

Aviation and jet fuels can cause severe damage to any environment they are in the event of a spill. Any coating that is on a hangar floor must not only be chemically nonreactive, it must also resist breaking down itself in case of contact or exposure with any harsh or volatile chemicals spilled onto it. Chemical resistance is more than a durability issue, it is a safety issue for everyone working within the hangar.

Even Application

A hangar floor coating’s ability to settle evenly after application is vital to the life of the flooring. A surface that isn’t perfectly level creates points of weakness at every rise and dip. When strain accumulates in these areas, it can produce cracking, allowing more cracks to feather out and dirt and chemicals to become trapped inside it. After cracking, the floor will need to be recoated and the cracks will have to be repaired to curb further damage. Uneven surfaces also create problems for workers moving heavy equipment across the hangar floor as objects will catch in places and slide unexpectedly in others.


For hangar owners interested in a sleek appearance, a hard reflective surface coating can be applied to give the hangar floor the glossy finish of a professional showroom. This kind of surfacing can also be helpful in hangars with relatively dim lighting. The enhanced ability to catch and reflect light may help workers and mechanics see more clearly.